I became a dolphin zombie today thanks to 8 extremely loud and playful dolphins

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Boiler is the word for this trip!
That Rock is  just on fire!! I became a Dolphin zombie today thanks to 8 Dolphins extremely loud and playful. I got pictures and will show them soon.
Thanks Boiler.
Great group by the way!  Seattle is on Board the Nautilus explorer and Larry likes to call them CHAMPIONS!
Go Hawks!
-Joel IHO
This is the first group that we have brought out to Socorro and after this trip I can say it won’t be our last. We were very fortunate as we were diving with Mantas, Sharks and Whales, but was most memorable was the Dolphin encounters. Not just one but several different dives. The “Boiler” was the hot dive site this trip, just over and over again. More Mantas then we have ever dove with, which was just pure Magic. We cannot say enough about the crew, they worked together as a team and they truly enjoy their job. We love you Captain Al and all the crew!! Can’t wait to come back again. This is definitely the live aboard to be on. We were able to listen to the Super Bowl via satellite radio thanks to Nikki & Bob. Way to go Seahawks! We shared this boat with the crew from Silent World Diving and really had a good time getting to know all their divers as well. Thanks again to everyone, we can’t wait to come back.
-Kelley & Bob Scarzafava
Anacortes Diving & Supply
If you are wondering what kind of experience you might have diving the Socorro Islands on the Nautilus Explorer, hopefully this post will help you.  Imagine yourself sharing the water with pods of cheerful dolphins and curious mantas.  See them circling by you and swimming closely to peer into your mask.  Feel your heart soar when you make a palpable, sentient connection with them.  Watch them roll, listen to them sing and click, and be mesmerized by their grace.
If you find sharks fascinating, you can witness them going about their business without fear.  See them stacked together and find new ways to understand and appreciate their behaviors.  Watch shape shifting reef octopuses and graceful moray eels slither through the water column while being serenaded by humpback song.
Onboard, the staff treats you to flawless hospitality.  Your every need is met with charm and pleasure.  The logistics of live aboard life and daily activity are clear and well managed, giving you the confidence you need to take such an adventure.
There are few places in the world where one can be out in the open, freely interacting with so many large and diverse wild animals in their natural habitat.  The owner, Mike Lever, has worked tirelessly to turn this area into a marine preserve.   I thank and applaud him for this important effort.
Articulating peak life events with words is challenging.  It is easy to sound exaggerated and over use superlatives.  These words are sincerely felt.  The Nautilus Explorer Socorro Islands dive charter is a trip of a lifetime, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Many thanks to everyone,
-Rebecca Black

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