Captain's Log : we had one of our best wild dolphin encounters ever!!

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Welcome back, We left Cabo San Lucas for Socorro Island on Feb 8 and we have finished four wonderful days of diving so far. As I write this morning we are just in our final approach to Roca Partida where we plan to stay the last two dive days of this trip. So highlights of this trip are the usual host of critters we see out here. The unusual starts with the Water Temp it is at least 2-5 degrees F above normal depending upon whose guage you believe but pretty consistent reports of 76-77, the odd 78, which I find suspect. Normal is around 73.
The Boiler did its thing again this trip with giant Mantas, giant Mantas by the numbers, 3-4 most dives, not the mind blowing 9-10 we had the trip before (that was a record high for me, 3-4 is normally a very good day and two or three I would consider normal. Dolphins right now seem to be all over the place every dive site.
The Humpback whales numbers are up this week and so far this trip 17 of our guests have already been able to snorkel with the whales. Yesterday was funny all the whales disappearred in the morning but almost enmass they came by the boat late in the afternoon. We were out doing whale tours and no whales yesterday to be found, but we had probably one of the best wild dolphin encounters as our snorkelers got in with dozens of dolphins. The dolphins swam or rather raced around and between the guest, tantalizingly close but just beyond finger tip reach.
We have had a little luck on our side as well, there are some other boats out right now but we have managed to stay clear and have the dive sites to our selves. At this point I am a couple of miles away from Roca Partida and it looks like our luck is holding as I see no other boats here. It is just before 0600 and first light will soon crack the eastern sky by 0730 we should be in the water with the latest chapter for Roca Partia. I hope to find the sharks are up a bit more, they have been deeper for the last couple of trips here but we are sailing in on the full moon so cross you fingers.
Let you know the outcome in a few days
All for now
Captain Al

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