Today I was surrounded by 10 cute little juvenile silver tip sharks before their mother showed up to say hello.

Here we are again, backing to Revillagigedo on our way south and we just started right with 2 awesome dives at San Benedicto, our check dive was more than just check our skills and performance because also we did photo session and dance floor with 3 giant mantas all around; then we did our dear Boiler where there were 4 mantas (1 black, 3 chevron)  crossing between us even don’t give chance a many of us to see all the boiler around plus we got 2 Galapagos sharks join us for the safety stop and at the surface a group of killer whales at the bow….so no bad at all our first day diving on board of Nautilus!!!
DM JJ  31/03/2014
Wow.  We have been negligent in posting diver blogs.  Presumably that is because we have spent so much time underwater.  We are way south and as advertised it is amazingly far off of the beaten track. The corals are amazingly healthy although there is a lot of long-line on the bottom, intertwined with the reef.  On almost every dive there are lots of juvenile silver tip sharks.  Today on the first dive I was surrounded by about 10 of the cute little critters circling me in the blue.   Then their mother showed up to say hello.  She was a good 8-10ft long.  Also out in the blue on the edge of visibility was a big hammer head shark.  In the afternoon, we did blue water dive and were treated by a 6-8 silky sharks and a pod of curious dolphins.  You can tell that it is a good trip because I am covered with mystery bruises.
Steve 4/6/2014

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