Captain's Log. Nautilus Explorer. Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Baja California, Mexico.

Another 10 day expedition to the Socorro Islands, this time with another group from our friends at Wirodive in Germany.
A special trip for me as it is my last with the Explorer and I get to share it with my old friends divemaster Sten and Wirodive CEO Robert.
Today we are diving Roca Partida, and it’s one of those very rare and special days here when conditions are perfect.
There is barely a breath of air, a low swell rolling by under us and sunny skies. Of course none of that matters if there’s nothing to see underwater, but that’s not an issue today. All three dives we’ve done so far have been full of shark action.
Galapagos, silkies, silver-tips, and a couple big schools of hammerhead sharks cruising by the wall. Big schools of big-eyed Jacks, black jacks, yellow-fin tuna and big wahoo have been seen regularly today as well.
We’re planning on spending 3 days here to see what else might swim by the famous Roca Partida, where a visit from a whaleshark, giant manta and even a humpback whale has been known to happen.
After Roca Partida we’ll still have 4 more days of diving with the giant pacific mantas of Socorro and San Benedicto.
Now it’s time for a cold beer in the hot jacuzzi as the sun goes down on this epic day of big animal diving!
Captain Gordon Kipp
Surface conditions: Wind light, seas calm, sunny skies with an air temp of 30C Diving conditions: Current moderate to strong at times, visibility 25 meters, 85 feet, water temp 23-24C

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