Not every day is perfect at Socorro Island unfortunately. Vis was down today.

On our first check out dive we were unable to dive El Canyon due to low visibility but we did two drift dives at EL Fundadearo which is a mile from El Canyon.  It can be a challenge to visibility when there is a strong current.  San Benedicto Island was partially formed during the last major eruption 1952- 53.   So the place is still covered in ash and pumice.  Really strong current can pick the pumice up off the bottom and bring the vis down.  The vis was not great but on our first two dives we did see a giant mantaray,  one silky shark and a white tip shark. If the vis had been better we for sure would have seen more. For the last dive of the day we went to EL Canyon because the current direction had changed just enough to open up the viz.
On this last dive our guest saw….
a giant manta at the cleaning station
a huge tuna Yellow fin. it went up to the surface and fed on some bait fish up at the surface. When it struck the prey we could hear the impact. What an amazing sight.
one silver tip swimming above the divers after the tuna strike. We think it was attracted to the sound of feeding.
one silky about 4 feet long at the same depth as the divers.
Vis was about 60 feet which made for an enjoyable dive
Divemaster Juan

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