WHAT DO YOU THINK OF CABO PEARSE at Socorro Island. Blog it Up!!!

San Benedicto Manta 2 1200
……So the diving has been very good at Cabo Pierce, but the food—spectacular.  Eggs Florentine with a divine sauce for breakfast…chicken & beef fajitas, marinated perfectly with boat-made guacamole that had just the right lime & heat.  Enrique is a hidden treasure, but don’t let the word get out, or people will be coming on the Nautilus Explorer for a week-long gourmet cruise, and there won’t be room for the divers.  Phyllis Major
Yesterday for the check dive at San Benedicto, very friendly giant mantas during 45′ and 1 hammerhead shark.
Same thing today at Cabo Pierce (Socorro island) .
Some of us saw dolphins and sharks (too quickly to know if they are silk or grey ?) Always waiting for a school of hammerhead sharks…
Water temp is between 25 and 27 !
Bye, it’s time to go to dive 😉
Barbara LEROY

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