Early morning 7:15 AM dive…

Hammerhead - The Canyon San Benedicto
Early morning 7:15AM dive—just past dawn at Roca Partida…many white tip sharks cruising for breakfast.  Then, just below 110 ft…many hammerhead sharks of all sizes—babies, big ones—cruising for their breakfast.  Once again, divemaster Juan, like a shark-whisperer, puts us at just the right spot!  Phyllis
As we predicted, the school of hammerhead sharks was there, waiting for us, and Juan, our dive master, just lead us directly to them on this first morning dive! What an encounter! Wait for the trip video on youtube!
Now, waiting for the next dive, once Larry (boat’s engineer) just spotted a whale shark swimming around the Nautilus, we do expect to see this giant gentle inside the water, here in Roca Partida…
Lucas Costa

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