Real guest comments from Socorro Island – conditions are not always perfect.

Robert Wilpernig_075
The Canyon at Socorro island… what manta dreams are made of. The first dive had 1 giant manta with return visits through out the dive. But the second dive was something special, had 3 mantas circling for at least 25 minutes and even joined us at the safety stop. The final we only had brief views of 3 hammerhead sharks. Let’s see what the Boiler during us tomorrow!
Hi Flavio, a few minutes ago, we came back from our first dive on this trip. This week, we started with the canyon. So the dive has been good, but we’ve had a little bit bad visibility. I guess between 5 and 10 meters. But it wasn’t to bad, to see the manta, which joined us directly from the beginning of the dive. 🙂 The manta has been as playful as they have been last week, but it looked like, the manta was searching for something or somebody… Was it the octopus, Klaus showed me at the end of the dive or was it more looking for….. hmh…. Ah! I know! The manta was missing Letitia and you! 🙂 So we’ll see, what’s going on, on the next dive..
Have fun.
The second dive has been worse than the last one. On the last dive, there has been just one manta, given us shadow when we tried to make good photos. On this dive, it was nearly to dark, to take good pictures of the two hammerheads, we’ve seen in front of us. The shadow, three mantas produced, has been to much… bad luck… Next try during the next dive.
The last dive today was a real shark dive. Big, pretty close, different types, great.
What a day..

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