Hurricane Amanda did us a favour. Diving in the Sea of Cortes is great!

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Incredible site, with multitude of fish species, 100+ school of grouper, counted 23 moray eels, 4 were in holes within 4 feet of one another.  Narrow swims through vertical rock formations. Crew did an amazing job spotting this site….great day of exploratory diving.  Most diversity of fish species I have seen and the health of the reef and waters is unsurpassed.  Having a great time, the entire crew is doing a spectacular job making this a great adventure despite Hurricane Amanda! -Mark Sullivan
Hurricane Amanda did us a favor.  Diving in Sea of Cortez is great. Crew could not be more accommodating and Nautilus Explorer is burning the fuel to reach great dive sites.   Today, we did an exploratory dive at Isla San Ildefanso.  Amazing dive site!!  Lots of nudi’s, schools of Butterfly fish and grouper.  Too many Moray Eels to count.  Divemaster’s, Colton and Juan do an amazing job finding large and small critters.  The dive was topped off by cocktail hour featuring Engineer Hodmy’s famous margaritas – best drink in the Sea of Cortez!! -Mike O’Keefe
Don’t leave your macro lens at home! You never know what life and circumstance will offer you! Our surprise dive site today was full of amazing shots of large nudibranchs, Christmas tree worms.  Lots of fun searching for the really small ‘stuff”….today’s new site name…. “Lemonade Rocks”……when life serves you Lemons….Thanks Amanda! -Debb

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