Being out at Roca Partida was like diving in a pool with super clear blue water except that we were surrounded by sharks

What a such day…we been diving at Roca Partida today in very calm sea with open skies very warm water 26 degrees and almost none current in every dive, we jump in a like bit deep pool with super clear water more than 30 mts and get surrounded by lots of sharks from the white tips sleeping at the cracks plus a bunch of silver tips patrolling, some Galapagos and in one point we got lot of silkys all around when we was descending on the blue, so great; but that is just the normal menu, the plus we got, was three giant mantas in every dive very friendly and without current ours guest’s had the great combination for interact and pull the camera’s trigger like crazy and is just our first day at roca, so now you can see all our divers chatting and sharing smiles under the sunset onboard of nautilus explorer!!!

By Nautilus Staff

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