Flavio - 18-2
Now it is time to thank the amazing crew that makes this diving experience in Nautilus Explorer possible and unique!!! There are ten diverse and international crew members that show an authentic interest to make your trip as enjoyable, comfortable and safe as possible as it could be.
You can see Captain Shawn everywhere, from navigating in the bridge to driving the dinghies and helping you put your equipment on. He has been very friendly and diligent in personally letting us know any change of plans and has made sure that if we need something we know we can approach him, which is an awesome attitude! Mate, Kevin, was everywhere and friendly as well, keeping eye on the bridge or the dinghies, or while we dived to ensure all were safe. Our Dive Masters were absolutely great! They made briefings clear and made a strong point regarding safety, safety always came first. They were helping us in and out of the water, always attentive to our wellbeing and our enjoyment in diving. They made their best effort in every dive for us to see the most we could.
Laurentina and Claire are hostess at the Nautilus Explorer and they made sure we had everything we needed at all times, drinks, food, towels, assisted us in information, with our gear, if we were not feeling so well, everything! I am sure there is a whole lot of work that they do that we don’t see to ensure we get a Five Star service. Oh and they always, always were smiling!
The ship also has two engineers on board, Marv and Hodmy, so be sure that if anything goes wrong or requires an engineering hand they have it covered. They were also always around helping and Hodmy even preparing delicious drinks for all after the diving day was over.
Danny is Deckhand, you could see him smiling always and all over the ship doing all kinds of jobs. He is quiet but always looking out for anything you may need.
Last but not least, Chef Enrique! Food in the Nautilus Explorer is absolutely incredible!!! Be prepared to gain a couple of pounds during your trip. We had an early Continental Breakfast and after your first dive you have “a la carte” Hot Breakfast accompanied by all you can think, fresh fruit, fresh baked bread, meats, and veggies. For lunch there is always salad and a delicious hot soup, besides great dishes! And dinner, oh we would wait enthusiastically for dinner every night! Salad, first plate and dessert, including freshly baked bread again! How does he do all that cooking by himself I don’t know!! All meals were on time and exceptional, and he was open to happily accommodate any nutritional restrictions or requirements.
Ohhh and we had a special guest/crew on board, Rebecca, who was enjoying the trip with us, but as well was always looking that we were enjoying ourselves!
Well, the crew is absolutely incredible and it definitely makes this trip a world class vacation, service is Top Five Stars! Thank you all!!!!
Ana, Mexico

By Nautilus Staff

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