These used to be staterooms!

I suspect that our guests would be surprised to know how far we go during  a 3 week refit.  Pictured are the guest staterooms on the port side.   Everything has been stripped down to bare steel and coated with epoxy.   Note the steel studs that form the backbone of the fire prevention system on the ship.  The staterooms will be rebuilt with 2″ mineral wool non-combustible insulation.  The pink insulation is added to further help dampen noise and ensure privacy between the staterooms.  The vapor barrier on the outside shell is renewed and has to be absolutely airtight to avoid any issues with mold.    The walls will then be built up with 1/2″ non-combustible wall board, renewed electrical fittings and fixtures.   Wet areas get a special barrier membrane coating.   Ceiling (deckhead as we call it but not to be confused with the deck     head  on the back deck) is reinstalled.   And then the joinery and cabinetry is all pieced back together with new carpet, beautiful 1200 thread count linen (new for this year).   Very busy times!!   Captain Mike

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