YAAHHHOOOO… The great white sharks are at Guadalupe in droves! 4 at one time!

All I can say is Wow !!!!
Within 2 hours of setting up our cages we have had really interactive Great White Sharks all around the Nautilus Explorer. They are cruising by the cages checking out the fresh food inside. We have had single sharks, pairs and then yesterday afternoon there were 4 circling around the cages. I forgot how big they are and how when they come straight at you there is a curved mouth smile that seems to reinforce the reality of how weak and slow we really are. I love strong aluminum cages.
Everyone has had up close and personal experiences with the sharks. They like to approach the cages and pass by close. The funny thing is there are sea lions that are just swimming around the boat as well. We watched a pair of sea lions lazing on the surface around the bow of the boat just after we had a huge male cruise around the boat and then spend 10 minutes on the surface at the stern of the boat, his dorsal fin occasionally braking the surface. There was a group of guests at the stern filming the male as he circled around and around, watching us.
The Island of Guadalupe is rugged an barren with the occasional hardy tree making a go of it on the top of the steep slope. a truly beautiful island with a quiet orchestra of growling and barking sea lions at the waterline, oblivious to the predatory sharks swimming around.

By Nautilus Staff

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