Divemaster Log

Date – July-26-31 2014
Location -Gaudalupe
Seas -Calm
Temp-68 F
Vis-125 Plus
Current- None
Skys- Sunny and bright
Sightings in the 3 days
Day 1-Saw 3 sharks for the first day on the second dive we saw our first great white and for the remaining of the day we have 3 very active great whites..
Day 2 – We ha 4 sharks very active.  all of them were around the submersible cages at one point..
Day 3 Had 5 sharks very active .
Comments; So far we had a very good starting of the season and everyone was so happy an excited to see all 5 sharks .
All the guest really seemed to enjoy themselves and want to come back.
Cant complain great way to start the season.

senior divemaster

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