California sea lion takes on great white shark and wins…

Darius Moazzami
5- 6 Great White Shark Sightings—a small shy one and the big boss we saw yesterday. Volker nearly has lost his finger—didn’t pay attention to our curious and interacting “friend”
Ali spent all the day in the cage—tough English lady.
Our bavarian buddies were shivering after 15 mins—but our whirl pool –superhot, we felt like sausages-was already waiting.
I got a great shot of a playing sea lion…hope it will survive!
In the evening we were all listening to Mr Sharkschool-talking about shark hunting.
So everybody can’t wait to swim outside the cage-well luckily it’s not allowed.
Food was delicious—as every day. Many thanks to Enrique and Alberto!
Waiting for jumping sharks.
Good night and sweet dreams
Ali,Christine (where is my Nutella,Shaun????)

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