This tiny great white shark looked like a crazy guy swimming really fast around the cage like a playful puppy.

Well! an other beautiful trip to guadalupe island, with the great white sharks, after ten days trip diving four days into the cages, great whites around, diving in San Benito’s islands with harbor and guadalupe seals, diving in kelp in Cedro’s Island, like swimming in a forest under water, interacting with very friendly seals and watching the big, fat and lasy elephant seals sleeping on the sand, is a different dive,very nice and relaxing, swimming underwater between the trees watching small fishes and beautiful colors, is a wonderful moment, Now, we did only cages dives,great whites always are there,this time  a small shark look like crazy guy,swimming fast around the cage and then, came slowly almost touch the cage,guest are very happy, very good close up pictures,some seals came close to the cage, they don’t care about the great whites, all of us are waiting to see shark attack, never happen, but is exiting.
was a beautiful group,nice people onboard, great show with the kings of the ocean, happen in Guadalupe Island,180 n.m.sw of Ensenada Baja California, in MEXICO,ONBOARD OF NAUTILUS EXPLORER, PACIFIC OCEAN.
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