These Great Whites are magnificent, graceful & serene

michael valos 5
It’s been a while since I was last in the water using a regulator and Juan, and Tigre all made me feel very comfortable.  Even our new Mate, Bryden was there pitching in.  All geared up, I went into the a surface cage for a test drive.  It felt great to get back into the water.  The temperature was perfect and another guest, Rick, and I hung out in there for a while.  There were loads of Mackeral fish hanging around and beautiful Yellow Tail swimming around us.  Ready for more, I wanted to get into the ladder cage down to 15+ feet.  I was in there alone watching the fish and looking off into the beautiful blue water, checking all points for a Great White to come along. Not long after getting in, there it was.  Huge, making me feel very small and vulnerable, the Great White circled around me, seeming to look right at me, checking me out. Wow… magnificent, graceful, serene. There’s no knowing how you’re going to feel being that close up to one of these creatures, until you’ve done it. Truly surreal, heart pumping. Can’t wait to go into the submersible to 30 feet.


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