Ever had one of those dives when the sun gets blocked out by 2 dozen sealion pups above you?

This is what happened today as we crept towards a beach on the east side of Cedros Island. Myself and a couple other guests laid still in the sea grass (roughly about 15ft of water above us) snapping shots of the odd sea lion that came in from the beach to cool down, this is when we were discovered by the kids…. Out of no where a fury of sea lion pups bombed down onto us from every direction as if each one was wanting to be the first one to check us out. At first I didn’t know which way to point my GoPro, one by one they would come right up to the lens for a sniff. We all figured this dive could last 2-3 hours with out getting boring while laying around in this frenzy. Just another wild day off the west coast of the Baja.-DM Jesse

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