Weather may not always be on our side, but Ensenada provided us with a wonderful experience today at la Bufadora. La Bufadora is a “natural phenomenon” as our tour guide called, one of few in the world, it is a blow hole that can shoot water from 10 ft up to 100 ft. We were lucky enough to see it at both low and high tide and wow could you see the difference! We took a bus through Ensenada about 30 minutes south and our wonderful tour guide Irma taught us about the history of Ensenada. I learned that Ensenada’s true name is Ensenada de Todos Santos and that Ensenada is actually the true name for “bahia” which means bay in Spanish. Ensenada got its name because the Spanish expedition that landed there arrived on All Saints Day or “ Dia de Todos Santos” and arriving into the bay or “Ensenada” it was therefore named Ensenada de Todos Santos.
La Bufadora was fantastic. As each wave entered you anticipated the size of the spout that was about to shoot into the air. It was like going to Sea World and having the choice to sit in the Splash Zone! Those in front got soaked with water! After la Bufadora we walked around the pueblo surrounding the attraction, had a great lunch and some people even stocked up on some classic Mexican souvenirs. Overall it was a great day and we are all keeping our fingers crossed for a departure tomorrow for Guadalupe.
Lauren Mitchell, Hostess Nautilus Explorer

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