The great white shark would come straight at us and then turn and swim vertical right in front of us. It never gets old!

Face to face with a great white shark today.  Flat clam and hot n sunny at our anchorage on the North East of Guadalupe Isl.  Good vis down below.  When I was in the cage I was with some very experienced photographers.  We were watching the Yellow Tail Tuna in the clear water with rays of sun coming in bright at 30ft. Then just above us towards the sun came the elusive great White Shark, coming in with the sun in our eyes as top predators do.. A good size male, really curious of us in the cage. He would come straight at us then turn and swim vertical up outside the cage. Check out the other cages then back to us again. Closer each time, Face to face with us you could see the rows of teeth and the white of the belly. They got some fantastic shots and I had another great day at work. It never gets old..
First Mate, Waldie.

By Nautilus Staff

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