"I was not quite sure which way I had to look because the action was happening everywhere!"

Another wonderful day with lots of excitement we had current swell and sun and fish some of the divers even  managed to see a whale shark in the first dive of the day. Not quite sure which way I had to look because  the action was happening everywhere. Morays down below along the walls gigantic lobster poking their head  out of their holes in the rock while lots of little sharks staring at us from the shelfs or swimming against  the current ahead of us…….more of this tomorrow.
It was fantastic today to see my first ever whale shark after fifteen years of diving. it was a great day  (Andy and all his dive buddies)
Roca Partida is the usual exciting mix of unpredictable current. It has spectacular underwater topography.  It comes up from so deep like a needle.
I cant believe my first dive of the trip was with a whale shark. I have never seen a whale shark before. It  was not a big one just 6 meters long but huge for a fish. We had to swim against the current but it was worth it. I saw white tip sharks sitting on the  rocks and  lobsters. huge lobsters in small caves in the rocks. The visibility was less on the next two dives and the whale shark had left but what a great dive site this  is.  I was warm in my 3 mill wetsuit and the dive master was wearing a shorty. I love warm water diving.

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