I could die now. I just had the best dive of my life.

We dropped in on dolphins that were swimming by. I saw white tip sharks sitting on a rock ledge and while I was looking at that my buddy pointed out a whale shark. A whale shark what could make the dive better. I saw a whale shark up close. It was a small one but Frikking huge. I love Roca Partida and Socorro Island and the Nautilus Explorer
We saw silkies in the distance, galapagos sharks, White tips and a whale shark and what looked like a wahoo swimming through the small fish.
Wow, we come here and see a whale shark and see many of other sharks. some on a rock. Wow.
I wanted to dive Roca since I was 17 and read about it. It is a spectacular vertical rock with white tips dolphins and a whale shark. I’m in heaven.
I could die now. I have seen the best dive in my life. I have nothing that says how incredible this place is

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