Christmas 2014 with the sharks of Roca Partida.

Rather then snow and freezing temperatures, this xmas morning I got to wake up to blue skies, 30 degree weather and clear vis out in the Pacific. It’s out here at Roca Partida that we got 4 dives in between some pretty great meals. My favorite of course eggs benny to the traditional turkey dinner. Out on the water we dawned a couple santa hats that I’m sure made us stick out well while cruising around the depths of Roca. On the SE corner we ventured out into the blue to view Hammerheads. After seven fairly shy 6 foot Hammerhead sharks checked us out we did lap around the site its self. Dozens of Whitetips resting in dens followed by plenty of silkies and good sized Galapagos sharks made for some good shots. Our day was ended with a wine & cheese party followed by xmas trivia challenge that was claimed by the Shark team(Crew team gave them a good run for their money of course). Anchors now pulled, time to head back to the Baja coast and Cabo San Lucas. -DM

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