Shark and Eel central today out here at Roca Partida made for 4 awesome dives.

The towering rock formation had dens filled with dozens of Whitetip Reef sharks followed my multiple good sized Gallapagoes sharks between 50-80 feet. DM Matt and his group of divers even ventured out into the blue and met a small school of Hammerhead sharks. Back on the steep walls of Roca a couple Brazilian guests and I ran into plenty of Green and Fine-spotted Moray eels tucked into every crack with even a few free swimming for new shelter. Combined efforts of the sun and great vis made for a relaxing sight looking up at the other group of divers 60 feet above mixed in with the Whitetips and Silkies, made for some great photos. Wild site for life being in the middle of no where thats for sure.-DM Jesse

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