some of our guests would like to share with you their moray song (melody: Its amore)

moray eel
When you look in a crack and someones looking back – it’s a moray,
It will not really care it will sit there and stare- it’s a moray,
It is not a fish,it is not a ray,
It will sit and wish for a passing pray,
Quite a gourmet!
If we sing him this song he might free swim along,
Its a moray!
//Alison and Anders
Now – the real review – and what it really was like!!!
Captain, Shaun, run a tight ship and he could run a ship!
The lovely girls, Laurentina and Rene, catered to our every need and more!
Mate Brydon and Deckhand Adam were as brilliant as you could ask for.
Chef Enrique, the outstanding gourmet super-chef produced Micheline class meals.
Jessie, aka Slice, got us down, up and happy.
And Grandpa made sure all the cogs turned in the right direction.
SO: If you are looking for a diving live aboard that delivers the goods on a boat that provides great ambiance, excellent service, superb food and outstanding diving – go for it and book this trip!
/ The guests

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