I saw 1 hammerhead shark swim by followed by another and then looked up to see 15 hammerhead sharks right above my head

Diving with deckhand Adam today at the Canyon we went to 32m at a cleaning station and in minuets we saw a silver tip shark fallowed by a hammerhead shark, then another hammer  then to my surprise I looked up as a school of over 15 hamerheads passed right over top of us.
First Mate Kevin.
The beginning of the trip has brought us beautiful weather and calm seas. Guests absolutely loved their dives with giant mantas at Fundedaero laughing and smiling at the surface as I came to pick them up in the zodiac. Adam – deckhand
The sun was shining and the divers were smiling after coming up from an amazing dive. Starting out a dive trip with schools of hammerhead sharks swimming by sets the bar pretty high! Not to mention a safety stop with giant mantas swimming gracefully around the line, coming back again and again. Its easy to get spoiled diving here but the Ilsas Revillagigedos never gets old!
DM Liz

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