THE DAY AFTER….. why are there so many humpback whale skeletons at Roca Partida??

Weather picked up, winds decided to blow and we were off to start our second day at Roca Partida.  A we launched the skiffs at 0630, a large splash towards Roca caught my eye.  Humpback whales again!  After yesterdays orca attack on the poor calf, I assumed the whales would have departed the rock to grieve and move on.  As we launched into our first dive, the Humpbacks seem to be relaxed and slowly circling as to show no emotion of the previous days events.  Post dive one, the Divemasters and several guests were anxious to share there stories.  Three adult whales, “controlling their buoyancy to a T” as once guest explained, hung around the scuba divers for fifteen minutes, as calm as could be.
I wonder what is going on inside their heads?  Is this a grieving process?  Do they have no will power to carry on?
Last year, one of the scientist whom frequently visited our vessel explained that on the 240′ shelf at Roca Partida, there is an abundance of Humpback Whale skeletons.  I would assume that their behavior is similar to that of an  Elephant; they gently glide their way to a specific location to and die as if to create some sort of cemetery.
I wonder if one of the humpback whales is sick and has come here to die?  Does yesterdays Killer Whale incident have anything to do with today’s Whale behavior?
So much to learn……
AND… all while this is going on, a few of our guests, which I appreciate their honest opinion, explained to me that they are “disappointed with the diving at Roca Partida and don’t want to do any more diving”.  hmmmm.   Makes no sense to me to come this far and then decide to stay out of the water.  You aren’t going to see the animals if you aren’t in the water.  For sure there is uncertainty in big animal diving.  sometimes it’s super hot.  sometimes it’s super quiet.   I know that Captain Mike always tells potential clients that over 6 dive days they will likely have 2 quiet days of diving,  2 decent days and always 1 usually 2 days of excellent mind blowing life experience diving.  that is big animal diving.  And that’s what we do and love.    I hope these clients are not trying to set us up for a refund under the new european travel laws.
You have to play to win!
Captain Shaun

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Hi Shaun: Looks absolutely fascinating. We are coming at the end of the month… for our 2nd trip to Socorro…. we are wondering about water temps…. and what thickness dive suits the guests are wearing…. any feedback is appreciated.

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