snorkeling with humpback whales

Here the crew smiles are for real.

“My favorite to see would be a humpback. But for that, you would need much luck. also, i have already seen mantas. Check! Good!what I really want is to see a whale underwater. I would like to see dolphins as well. I have come on this trip with only three friends. Three faces that i have known before, everyone else is new – even though I am the trip leader. I have been on this boat before in Guadalupe. I know the boat already and they have met my expectations. Except for the cook! The cook is much, much better. Before, the cook was good. But now the cook was exceptional. the crew is excellent. Really. Everyone is really good. They are not artificial, they are authentic. You know, when you go to a restaurant and your waitress just smiles at you, fake smiles. But here the crew smiles are for real. “

Harald Slauschek

“My heart is so full. I had the most amazing time with the humpback whales today.

I did not ever think it could be like this. Perfect!”


I came to the Socorro for the whales and mantas. But then, there was a sealion! I

was so confused and amazed. What was it doing here?


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