Diver and manta dancing together

Died and gone to Diver's heaven!

A few days ago, we posted some responses of guests answering “How is the Boiler with the mantas, dolphins and whales?”. Here’s part 2!

“There is no way to get a better than that dive. You could hear whales singing, saw 7 or 8 dolphins….They stayed and played with us….. The Mantas kept coming. Where ever you looked there was either a manta or dolphin. You didn’t know where to look. There was life everywhere….The reef itself on the way down was incredible and amazing in itself. Then we snorkeled after the dive with the dolphins and saw a chevron manta just below us! WOW!! Wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!”
– Amy and George
“Died and gone to Diver’s heaven!!! Humpbacks singing, Dolphins playing with us on scuba and Manta’s buzzing us from left and right!”
– Heidi
“Incredible day of diving. Dolphins swimming with us under water. A manta came so close I had to duck. Whale singing so loud you would swear there right above your head.”
– Mike G
“The best day ever! I have been diving for over 20 years and I have never had a day like this! The beautiful mantas at the boiler who appeared to want to be near us. Then the dolphins arrived as if to say “stop looking at the mantas and look at us. We have great tricks, too! Then when the dive was done ,it was like the mantas and dolphins were saying, “Okay you can’t be down here with us so we will come to you! And they stayed on the surface so we could snorkel with them! To top it all off snorkeled with humpback mother and baby. But the best was at the end of the day when I asked for a shot of tequila to toast the best day ever, I was asked, “Which tequila would you like?” The Nautilus Explorer is the best!”
– Peter and Merle

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