I found myself and our guests smack dab in the middle of a school of over 75 hammerheads for 3-5 minutes!

We got a chance to ask guests how their second day at Roca Partida was! Here are their responses! Divemaster Matt and one guest had a dive that we are more than jealous of!

Wow! What an incredible day! Filling tanks and watching huge whales breach is pretty good, but then to add to it, I found myself and our guests smack dab in the middle of a school of over 75 hammerheads for 3-5 minutes! Up, down, left, right, no matter where we looked, we were engulfed!
-DM Matt
A manta a day!
– Wendy
Epic day! We snorkeled with silky and silvertip sharks, saw mantas and were in a huge school of hammerhead sharks while diving. Looking forward to the next 2 days!
– Peter and Merle
The only thing missing – BODYSHOTS !!
– Helmut
Roca Partida is as I saw on videos and pictures : great, impressive, magical ! What a vue ! And of course it’s so magical (again) to dive with the Wales’ songs, with all those fiches schools, waiting a Wale or Hammerhead in the deep blue.
– Simon

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