Revillagegidos: Underwater nursey filled with baby mantas and baby sharks

Well, the pregnant manta that we have been observing at The Boiler since November has not been seen for the past two trips. A manta birth has never been seen in the wild and it looks like we may not get the chance to witness it. Hopefully when we shall see the young manta though! A baby is born with a 2 meter wingspan which is still ginormous but would be adorable non the less. However, it seems to be baby season here in Revillagegidos. Roca Partida is normally home to hundreds of large whitetip sharks but lately we have been seeing tons of babies. Little sharks cruising around super quickly, darting this way and that as if exploring their home,learning every crack and crevice in which they can sleep in. Roca Partida is the only place in the world where I have seen sharks ‘cuddle’. You will find 7 or 8 whitetips piled ontop of eachother on a ledge, snuggled in nice and close. And then, just yesterday, while at Punta Tosca, we were being circled by 4 little juvinile silky sharks. Only 1.5 ft long they were VERY curious, coming right up and bumping our fins and tanks as if to investigate what these strange creatures blowing bubbles are. And then today, to top it all off, we saw a baby whaleshark!! Still a giant, 15ft long, this little guy circled the rock all afternoon, giving divers an up close and personal view of its gorgeous markings, stunning white dots and lines that are similar to that of a humans fingerprint, each one defining the creature as an individual. I am loving this underwater nursery!!

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