humpback whales intervene in orca attack on a baleen whale!

Our guests and crew on the Nautilus Explorer were anchored at Roca Partida, Socorro Island, several months ago when they were astonished to see a pod of orcas attack a humpback whale calf right beside the boat. Yes this was mother nature at work and but it was still shocking and disturbing to see a baby ripped from it’s Mum and killed.. Certainly it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and photo opportunity. I wasn’t onboard that trip but am told that everyone was very quiet when it was all over.

Since then I have been researching orca – humpback whale interaction and came across the following fascinating article (see below) that I’d like to share. In short – and not to anthropomorphize these whales – it seems that a group of humpback whales proactively and aggressively picked a fight with a pod of orcas that had just killed a grey whale calf in Monterey Bay. It’s a fascinating read.. Enjoy.
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Captain Mike

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