It was like some alien, arachnid, take-over-the-world movie!

Best day yet! Old man was cool but Roca O’Neil was super cool. Did the caverns and had lobsters climbing the ceiling—it was like some alien, arachnid, take-over-the-world movie! Once we stirred them a bit they scurried all over. Surreal and creepy all at the same time. Befriended a Manta that would have followed us out of the water if she could have. Several amazingly slow close encounters—eye to eye—she was processing and never got more than 30-40 feet away before coming back for more. She hovered next to the zodiak as we exited the water. Glad we have picture because we’ll miss her. White tips sleeping in the cavern and lobsters bigger than my chocolate labs. Way spectacular!
Both dives were wonderful today. My favorite was Roca O’neil, there was a time when a manta came straight at me and I thought she was going to pass but all she did was hover above me. I don’t know if she wanted my bubbles, but I had none to give because I was breathless. The texture of her underside and the calm serenity she brought to the water was out of this world. I was fortunate to se a few lobster as well as sharks, eel and beautiful puffer fish. This all summed up the perfect day all topped with the singing of the whales underwater I will never forget this experience!
Today was incredible! I absolutely love Roca O’neil, never diving it before I was speechless at the sight of the archways. They were literally out of this world you feel like you’re on mars or the moon with the topography of the rocks. Im loving Socorro more and more as I work here.
DM Ryan Heiar
Roca O’neil was purely spectacular. As a cave diver/ tech diver I am astounded by the perfection of the rock formations. For lava rock of that kind to form in such spectacular ways blows my mind. I believe this sight has great potential for research and definitely consider it one of my top five dive sights.

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