With no warning our Dolphin friends showed up and crashed the party. Maybe twenty of them.

Ya Never Know!
Nothing too eventful on the first two dives today. Just the usual, Galapagos Sharks, White Tip Sharks and Silver Tip Sharks, :). Lots of them piled up in the cavelets. Had to fight quite a bit of current a couple of times. And then the third dive. Looked to be a repeat of the first two. With no warning our Dolphin friends showed up and crashed the party. Maybe twenty of them. Climbing, falling, swimming right at me. Sunk down with them and realized I was at 133′ after 10 minutes or só of play time, and three minutes into deco. No sweat. Plenty of air and not much current. Hanging out and Chris swims into view; with three Dolphins trailing right behind him. One I swear was laughing. After 30 seconds I got his attention and he turned around to find them right in his face. Funny guys. So next dive at 1700. The water may suck at San Benedicto and Socorro this trip, but this rock, our rock has kept us entertained. You have had to earn it; be in the water every dive. Sometimes ordinary and sometimes extraordinary. Seems to be no rhyme or reason. Guess I’ll be on that 1700 dive. Whale shark anyone?
Randy Nations AKA ‘Firescuba’
Friends will often ask me why I dive.  Often I will reply that diving is cheaper than a trip to the psychiatrist.  This isn’t true but it it is alot more fun.  When I am home often think about the ocean.  I think about how it feels to be surrounded.  I am not sure why.  I think of the creatures I might find (or not find).  I think of floating in my wetsuit.  It feels like home.  The ocean is seductive.  I am drawn to it.  It is elusive.  It wants me to visit but it won’t let me stay.  I feel a connection to the creatures in the ocean.  I am jealous.  They’ve been invited to the party and can stay.
So many humans have this affliction.  They speak every language.  They are all shapes, sizes, and colors.  They are drawn to boats.  They travel long distances.  They share stories about their visits to the oceans.  They share memories of the creatures they’ve encountered.  Their eyes opens wider when anyone mentions ther ocean.  We are bonded to each other in a way that is beyond words.  I refer to the people who share this affliction as my ocean family.
!Here it is!
We are Nautilus Explorer at Roca Partida. ‘
The only dive site where you can see
schools of hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks,’ silkie sharks, white tip sharks- all in one day!
And don’t forget Giant Mantas, Yellowfin Tuna, and Jacks.
When you think to come to this archipelago, do you expect all of this stuff?
It happened today, at Roca Partida in Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico, on board Nautilus Explorer.
-Deckhand Hernan

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