Searching for Mama turtles on Baracas Beach


Photo above by Erik Cutter from

Well, the 4 day VIP trip started off well with some great diving at El Islote with the Sea Lions. Cabo Pulmo provided us with a gentle current as we spent the whole dive with over 1000 schooling Jacks.
Later in the evening we were invited to a Turtle walk along Baracas Beach, where our host gave a talk about the conservation efforts to protect the eggs from predators. We spent the evening looking for Turtle nests and learning about the nesting behaviours, which followed with the group laying on the beach under the moonlight and the stars.
Later in the trip we took the journey over to Los Islotes where we spent the day diving with the 300 strong colony of sea lions. The playful creatures seemed very excited to see us and put on a show – darting around us in excitement as we explored the rocky shallows around the island.
Overall a great trip was had by all, finished off nicely with some wake surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding in the calm waters around Ensenada Candelero.

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