Yippee!! Yahooo!! Wahooohhhh!! Just completed our first Guadalupe great white shark trip of the 2015 season and it was FANTASTIC!!

I always tell people that our first trips of Guadalupe great white shark season are my favourites.   We have learned over the years that virtually the entire male population resident at the Island returns to Guadalupe by mid-July.    These sharks are FRESH!!  They haven’t seen any divers since the previous November and they are curious and very active.   I compare them to a rowdy group of teenage boys who are horsing around with any of their moms around.   Guest comments below from the first trip on our beautiful Belle Amie tell the story!!

Oh my god, that was so freaking Cool!  The sharks kept circling and circling the cage.  I counted 4, someone else said 5!  Its hard to keep track!  Shark week In real Life!
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Wow, what an unbelievable trip.  I heard the start of the Guadaloupe Season was Quiet, But this was definitely NOT!  Way more action, and sharks then I imagined!  I can’t Imagine it getting any better then that! Will be back One day Soon I hope!
As an Uncertified Diver, I was initially disappointed that I was not able to go in the Submersible cages.  Sure it would have been Nice.. But then I found out it was not needed at all!  I was in the 20ft submersible cage, thinking only maybe 60 minutes tops had past.. and I got out and It was 2 hours later!  They are absolutely mesmerizing!  I can’t get rid of my smile!

Gavin Elwood
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I will absolutely Be back, and I would choose no other boat then the Nautilus Belle Amie.  I have been on live a boards before, and the spaciousness, the crew, the food, And of course The SHARKS! were UNBELIEVABLE! Everything was beautiful.
I was sitting on the top deck in the sun, looking at the water, and right was I was looking, RAAAAWWW,  A great white sharks Breached!  My dad was so jealous!
– Elektra Meyers
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I was just watching shark week, and there was a part on guadaloupe, thinking to myself, Im gonna be there! Im gonna be there! Thinking I had perhaps seen the just of it on TV, knowing what to expect, and Had an Idea how cool it was going to be.  But OH MY G*D!! Nothing can compare to being here in person. NOTHING!  And now I am going to go home and tell all my friends, Hey have you seen shark week/? yeahhh Ive been there!  No Big deal! Amazing experience.

– Phillip

Point of interest.   
147 individual great white sharks have now been positively identified at Guadalupe Island.   We believe that 80 – 90 of these white sharks are “regulars” who live at the island from July through the following winter  –  much like “resident” orcas (killer whales) who tend to stay in one geographic area for much of the whale season in British Columbia.   3 of these “residents” actually never leave and remain at Guadalupe year-round.  The rest of the sharks can likely best be compared to “transient” orcas who come and go, perhaps down to what we believe is a white shark nursery at Bahai de Vizcaino (Cedros and San Benitos Island) and also cruising around Baja California into the Sea of Cortes
Dive safe
And come and see our big toothy friends this year!!!
Captain Mike

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3 replies on “Yippee!! Yahooo!! Wahooohhhh!! Just completed our first Guadalupe great white shark trip of the 2015 season and it was FANTASTIC!!”

I added this trip as a once in a lifetime trip to my Scuba Diving bucket list. This trip was SO great that I will not be checking it off that list. I really hope to be back many times. When I come back I will surely be booking aboard the Nautilus boats. The Belle Amie is an excellent boat! It is very spacious and comfortable! The Crew is FANTASTIC. Katie and Wanda were always there offering drinks, snacks or meals. All the Dive Masters were eager to assist everyone in getting into the water as much as possible. The Belle Amie has newly designed Great White Shark cages. The male sharks tested the safety of the cages quite a few times and they truly held up. I always felt safe inside the cages. Even when the approximately 17ft male showed up on the last day. Truly beautiful, majestic and spectacular creatures. I will be back for sure!!!

I just returned from a Great White live aboard trip on the Nautilus Belle Amie to Isle Guadalupe. This is hands down the best live aboard I have been on, the crew worked tirelessly to do anything to make the trip amazing.
All of the accommodations were top notch and the food was fantastic.
The diving experience exceeded all exceptions the dive masters, crew on deck and Captain made sure everyone on board was getting as many dives as they wanted to go on. We were doing 5-6 dives each day in the 35ft cages, along with being able to jump in the 20ft and surface cage as much as we wanted to between our deep dives.
This trip left us all amazed with Guadalupe and the sharks that we were able to dive with. I would recommend this company and boat to all my friends and I am hoping to plan another trip with some of the great individuals that were on the same trip!

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