Great White Sharks after sharks after sharks…

What a crazy adventure! Great White Sharks after sharks after sharks, good food, amazing crew, more GREAT WHITE SHARKS!! I saw 6 at the same time coming straight at the cage, then turned around and another 2!!
8!? I think! It was too hard to count! Was not expecting that!
great white shark looking up at cage
Unbelievable. I was on the explorer Last year, and this was just as amazing, if not better. The boat and the sharks were perfect, everything was 1st class.
great white shark up close
Today was one of the coolest shark dives I have ever done! We had 8 great white sharks at one time including the amazing Zapata. There is nothing better than the look on a guest’s face when everywhere they look they see great whites. You couldn’t even count the amount of giggles and wide eyed faces there were today. All I know is they added up to an amazing day.
DM Ryan Heiar

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