AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! This is a must do for anyone who has a love for the Great Whites. The crew was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable—both in service and with the cage dives. Sharks were amazing and the visibility was perfect. Highly recommended—well worth the money and time.
-Lenny Gallo
two great white sharks
First class trip. The service was top notch across the board. Food was bountiful with healthy snacks in between the main meals – special notice was taken for those who had dive times and meals were prepared and saved. The dive masters were very knowledgeable and patient, the sleeping quarters were very comfortable and had daily cleaning and turndown service which is unique for an adventure live-a-board. The submersible cages were safe, secure, with ample visibility. The dive masters did an excellent job creating an experience of a life time as we saw multiple close encounters near the cage, three to five or more great whites at a time. I highly recommend this trip to anyone.
-Brett Maas

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