Just what I came for. Non-stop great white shark action.

Day #3
No sleep again! How could there be when there is só much to see both above and below the surface. The great white sharks were só active today! They were putting on a show all day by swimming só near us. They would come in for investigation of the us and swim away or around and around the cages-they just kept coming and coming!!!! I was brave enough to get on the top of the cage and almost immediately a shark came in to investigate! Just what I came for. Non-stop great white shark action. I also got to see seals, dolphins, and other sea life. The day was both exhilerating and exhausting!
The crew’s exhibition of preparedness in getting divers in an out of the water was to perfection. The food was nicely prepared, and the service was excellent! It is clear they want us to have the best experience possible and I must say it has come to fruition. They take care of the most prestine details. Nothing goes unnoticed or needed aboard the Nautilus Explorer!
My favorite? ALL OF IT! I am só sad its over, but I can truly say this has been the utmost, perfectly organized, most spectacular trip—one that could never be duplicated in my lifetime! If you have any doubts, then doubt no more. You will certainly get your monies worth aboard the Nautilus Explorer. I am already planning my next trip.
Thank you crew for making this an experience I will never forget.

By Nautilus Staff

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