Three days later I had seen approximately 20 different great white sharks and had the trip of a life time.

My Guadalupe Island, Great White Shark trip started as a dream 18 months ago. I came home from work one day and Gina asked me if I would like to go cage diving with great white sharks. After a couple extra of heart beats I said yes. Month after month Gina would keep me informed of how many months until the trip. I have had a huge fascination with the great whites. Gina and I would watch every show on tv that had anything to do with sharks, especially great whites.
Finally the day arrrived for us to embark on our Great White Shark trip. The sight of the Nautilus Explorer ship as it sat idle at the dock made me realize that we were about to go cage diving with “The Great White Shark.” Got on the boat and started our journey to the open sea. Little did I realize that I got sea sick! The first leg of our trip was anything but enjoyable. I got to see a lot of the bed in our cabin.
I woke up just in time to see our arrival at Guadaloupe Island with the seas calm and inviting. The first night at the island was spent getting to know the rest of the passengers and crew. Everyone and I mean everyone was só nice. The crew went out of their way in every aspect to make our trip “a trip of a lifetime.”
The first time I suited up and got in to a submersible cage I was very nervous. The water temp was very comfortable. Gina and I went down in the water and almost at once the first great white shark was there for us to start taking video of. It didn’t take long before other sharks joined in. Before you knew it there were seven sharks circling us. I couldn’t believe the size and speed of these magnificent creatures.
Three days later I had seen approximately 20 different great white sharks and had the trip of a life time. The weather was fantastic, the water temperature was very comfortable and to repeat we had seen 20 different sharks that continuously incircled the cages all the while having photos and videos of them taken. One shark in particular named “Bruce” was the center of attention on many trips into the water. He is quite the show boat! He likes to swim within a foot of the cage and if he likes you he shows you his pearly whites up VERY CLOSE! On several dives we had 6-7 sharks circling the cages and trying to keep up with each of them while filming or videoing was at times difficult! You didn’t know which way to look because of all of the action.
This was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime for me and my dive buddy Gina……………to say it was is an understatement. Can’t express enough how much we both enjoyed the Nautilus Explorer, the crew (they couldn’t do enough for you and the food was way above expectations) and the great white sharks!
Thanks to everyone who made this trip my trip of a lifetime, expecially my dive buddy Gina.

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