Lots of action around the cages this week

This week our submersible cages are being visited by other massive fish along with the Great White Sharks. Yellow Fin Tuna well over 100 pounds in size have been busy around our submersible cages showing off their speed to divers quick enough to snap a shot off. When the Great White Sharks show up though they tend to head back out to the blue and give the spotlight back to the Sharks. Once again we had Zapata aka Bruce show his size and scars off for the cameras while reminding some of the smaller males in the area who’s boss. Very little to no current and vis good enough to see the anchor chain up at the bow have made for a good couple days of cage diving out at Guadalupe Island.

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My mom and I went on the September 21 – 26 Guadalupe trip. It was the trip of a lifetime! The dive masters brought in multiple sharks every day. All of the crew members were fantastic! They were all very professional, friendly and went above and beyond to ensure everyone had a great time. Thanks very much to the crew for a great trip! Thanks too to all our ship mates — everyone on board made it a memorable trip. Best wishes to all – hope to see you again on a future Nautilus trip!

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