First big momma great white shark of the season showed up yesterday!

We had a huge female great white shark for the season dam it was so nice to see the real size of the female. We have seen some young females couple trips earlier but nuttin like the big mommas . She was all over the both cages wow what a site an experience . Had a great trip with the sharks packed up an headed back on the way back we travel the night an everyone think its was over not knowing that we had more just heading home . We encounter a huge pod of pilot whales as the captain slowed down an everyone just left what they were doing an had the best siting of this beautiful animals we hang out with them for 30 min an they still were around. Had to leave them so we could reach in time to port wow this year have been a really great interaction with dolphin, orcas, sea lion, great white and great whites wow cant get enuff of this experience in life time .

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