I had no time to write day one or two because this experience has been way too much for my senses to be put into words.

Where do I begin? Hmmm, I had no time to write day one or two because this experience has been way too much for my senses to be put into words. I’d like to start by thanking the Captain and entire crew for making this experience the best live aboard experience of my diving career so far. The ship itself and the accommodations were impressive from the start. The staff has been amazing from minute one. You all heard of people being so kind they’re willing to give you the shirt off their back, in my case Jorge the deckhand gave me the cap off his head because the ever so popular Great White cap sold out. The chef and service staff were amazing from making delicious meals and providing prompt service with a smile every time at all times. Wanda, Anna and Marco are great people. I love that the company has such a diverse group of staff from all over the world.
On to the diving…
great white sharks submersible cages with divers
Each and every dive master is highly skilled and know their stuff. They did an amazing relentless job working hard the entire dives. Their skill in spotting sharks is the reason I have some excellent photos to take home as a memory. They helped identify sharks and taught us valuable skills to help identify potential problem sharks. Each person had their own technique from Peter’s stomping soundtrack that reminded me of Jaws to Danielle’s twerking 😛 (I called it that, not really twerking) It was nice to see everyone involved in the cages from the Captain to the deck hand keeping the deck surface clean and free of slippery areas. The guys were great making you feel safe underwater or topside of the cage. Dale, Sten and Sam are amazing men below and above the water. If you have a chance to meet them, sit and talk to them for a bit. They each have led amazing lives in and out of the diving world. They are people I will never forget and would be proud to call friends. Over all, my experience has been unforgettable. It was extremely educational to be in the water with these apex predators and after viewing other dive operations available I’m glad I chose Nautilus Belle Amie. Last I’d like to thank the owner of the ship. You’ve done an excellent job selecting the right loving staff for your ship. They all really care and love their jobs, enough to speak highly of you sharing great experiences that show you have a great heart. If I ever need a job in the diving field, I know where I would start my search. In the meantime this is all for now. You made me a believer, see you all in the near future at Socorro

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