Great white shark

I guess its about time for the big girls of October to return.

Solid vis and the first large female great white shark of the season! We’re used to having vis so clear that we see the anchor chain, but this week topped it. You know its good when you can sit back and count the indivual chain links over 110 feet away up on the bow. Even better is when you can watch a Great White shark make his way around it and glide back to us in the cages at the stern. This week also marks our first visit from one of the larger female White sharks that we’re used to seeing in October. At a healthy 16 feet(they look much bigger when going face to face) in length shes definetly stuck out on the last dive of this trip. I Guess its about time for the big girls of October to return, perhaps even the infamous #168 Deep Blue.

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Kevin Barnesreply
October 13, 2015 at 04:10 AM

Great shot Jesse, What is the water temp right now? See you next week!

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