Insight into Great White shark migratory pattern

Marine Conservation Science Institute has published data of 4 female Great White Sharks that were tagged in Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The names of the sharks for identification purposes are Amy, Kimmel, Tailscratch, and Annika. The illustration clearly shows the sharks each spend a lot of time in the middle of the Pacific ocean. This area in the middle has been dubbed the “white shark cafe”. A few of the sharks went further west to the Hawaiian Islands. This is not new information…what’s interesting is that Annika and Tailscratch traveled into the Sea of Cortez. For years fishermen in the Sea of Cortez have been catching pregnant Great White Sharks so it has been suspected that the sharks go there to give birth. Could it be that some female White Sharks have a two-year migratory pattern? Is it possible they feed in the middle of the Pacific and return to the coast of California and Mexico, before returning to Guadalupe Is.?
Their large migration routes could leave them highly susceptible to fishing pressures.
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