Shark Identification with the crew and guests

As the Great White Shark season in Isla Guadalupe is ending, ironically we seem to become closer and closer to the great white sharks. I love doing the Shark Identification with the crew and guests in the Belle Amie and Explorer boats we have now a better idea of the sharks the surrounds the island. We had a specific shark that was around us the whole trip, called The Joker, and he had being spotted around our submersible cages on the last 3 trips as well. Our guests were able to identify 8 different sharks during the three days of cage diving on the last trip. Water was fantastic, visibility of about 120 feet and temperature seems to start dropping down to 72 F, good news for the Big Mammas, we hope to be able to spot some more of them on the next trips before we head to Archipelago Revillagigedo.

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It was a fantastic trip, Felipe! What do you think was the age range and size range of the sharks we saw that week (Nov 9-13)?

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