great white shark

We saw more Great White Sharks than we expected

“I need a new dream”
After spending months researching and trying to make the right decision we eventually booked our trip on the Nautilus Explorer. The whole experience from booking to boarding was fantastic and we had multiple communications from the booking team leading all the way up to our day of departure. Everything steps up a level at that point and the team welcome everybody aboard with a smile. Throughout the trip you feel so spoiled with great food and great company.
Then on Dive day 1 it happens…
We stepped into the submersible cages for the first time and as we went down the first Great White Shark emerged from the blue, we all got excited and watched as it made its way over to us to take a look.
Mandy, Dean and I have seen more Great White Sharks than we expected and the highlight was on Day 1 (Dive 3) when we met an 18 foot beauty. I can’t describe how I personally felt but as we finished that dive and climbed back on board I immediately said to everyone “I need a new dream”. My obsession has been there since I can remember and I never actually thought that it was possible to make the dream a reality. I have had the best vacation of my life and I am confident we will be back. I will be sure to post my resume 🙂

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