Great white shark and divers in submersible cage

We have been blessed with good visibility and lots of Great White Sharks.

Second day in to our Great white shark trip by Guadalupe.
We have been blessed with good visibility and lots of Great White Sharks. Yesterday we had at same time 6 great white sharks coming from all different directions , It gets a bit funny to watch the divers excitement tapping on each others shoulders pointing at all different directions and turning and turning round and round in the like monkeys in a cage braiding each others regulator hoses together until we notice the hose is not very long any more and have to un twine it. That together with all funny noises that comes trough when people scream to each others…
When that many sharks swims around I would recommend to just give the camera a rest for a while and have a good look on how this wonderful animals are reacting to each others in wearing of or going forward depending of their sizes and attitude in a game of dominants. They are very sensitive animals, watching their behavior’s you will start to understand their movements that you totally miss looking through a viewfinder as it happens all around you.
I really must say I enjoyed this 7 trips I been on the Nautilus Belle Amie, I had a break of 4 years, but being back has been great. Lots of good energy from the guests but also a crew that are taking care and looking after each others.
The Ship Belle is getting just better and better, so much space! And the cages has been so much easier now then the first kind that we started with that where already then very good.
I be taking time off after this trip but be back to the last shark trip and bring the Belle down to the first trips in Revillagigedos islands

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