This is when I love this Island!

Great weather 100 ft plus viz, I can easily see the anchor chain 130 ft in the bow of the Belle Amie.
Great people from all around the world, we have a group all the way from Indonesia that shared some very nice images with the rest of guests.
Lots of good energy on board with guest and a great crew I am working with pulling in and helping each others!
And then the sharks! In this clear water and good action still mostly males, and some very small sharks of 7 to 8 footers. So there seem to be a new generation, but some of the sharks I recognice since years ago have still not been seen and I wonder where they are , still swimming in the ocean, or if they are dead. After years here is hard to avoid that you get personally attached to some of the sharks.
What else? We had beaked whales besidee us, In the cages a mother and a baby bottlenose swam by and took a peak. And something I never experienced in Guadelupe we got a humpback whale swim slowly by the cages. A young small one and imagine the surprised eyes of the people in the cages!
So yeah trip was ok….

By Nautilus Staff

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