Time of the year for giant manta mating?

Ive been looking at the giant mantas behavior this trip and kind of noticed that male mantas (you can id them by the claspers as the same as sharks and they are in general smaller then the females) where following female mantas quiet intense more then they normally do.
Wondering if there is any specific time of the year the mantas are mating. An other thing I wonder about is where are the mantas getting born? Some have said that they been seen houndreds of meters down deep, Others that they seen them inside of reefs or in the mangroves. I am always a bit skeptical when divers say they seen baby mantas cause the mobula rays can on a just a little bit of distance look like a baby manta. If any one knows more about this I be very interested to hear. I personally can’t say I ever seen one.
Water has been warm 28 C (83 F) and in general not much of current. Neither thermocline We have not seen to much of sharks but loads of mantas also in Roca Partida having as much as 5 of them dancing around us. Further out we got to spot some groups off the most around 30 -40 hammerheads. From diving 25 30 meters of water it is so clear at Roca Partida we can well see the bottom 40m under us…. Thats kind of clear water!
On our crossing we have seen the first arriving humpback whales coming from the north. We got an interesting time ahead of us!

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